Tripos is a range of stools & low tables inspired by an antique Chinese stool. The 3 legs & rails meet in an equilateral triangle formed by half-lap joints strengthened by cross-grain dowels. The legs are mortise & tenoned into the top. Oil & Wax is carefully applied by hand to provide durability & protection against spills & heat, being easily wiped clean using a damp cloth.


Each year I make short batch runs of 5-10 of these in a range of temperate hardwoods that include: Oak, Ash, Cherrywood, Sweet Chestnut & Elm.

For 2020 I made a special edition of 5 stools in a stunning example of English Walnut (4 have sold and 1 remains in stock).


The Tripos range includes:

  1. Stool/Side Table / 35 x 48.5 cm

  2. Low Low Table / 35 x 40 cm 

  3. Low Oval Table / 67 x 41.5 x 40 cm 

  4. Bar Stool / 35 x 74 cm